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I started 1989 with just a handful of opal I have found while being in Coober Pedy. From then on, I regularly bought, cut and sold opal. I was still employed and worked in Switzerland, but 1993 I migrated to Australia. Of course my new life was based on the opal business.

I bought a property and built myself a dugout, this is an underground living place which is typical for Coober Pedy. Temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius in summer are fairly common, and this is the best way to stay out of the heat. My dugout used to be an opalmine, but I have not found much opal in there yet.

I spent many years looking for opal, and perfected my cutting skills at the local Spencer Institute of TAFE in Coober Pedy. 1997 I was employed there as the Lecturer of Opal Studies and tought students everything about opal. From mining to cutting, designing and retailing opal and jewellery internationally.

Together with a business partner in Switzerland we expanded our business and now supply cutters and retailers all over Europe. I spend several months in Europe every year and you may meet me at some international gem exhibitions in Switzerland.

Our products include rough and cut opal, silver and goldjewellery and even synthetic opal for low cost products like body piercing jewellery.


If you want to get into business and are looking for opal related products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

R. Wanner (founder and proprietor of opal-shop.com)

M. Gurtner (Manager of supplies in Europe)

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