Terms and conditions of business

We operate mainly in Switzerland and Germany, therefore we give goods under certain conditions in consignment only in these countries. To see these conditions please see our German section on this site.
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Nevertheless, we do send our products by mail to almost any country in the world. The cost of postage and insurance is to be paid by the customer and will be added to the price.

Retailers can buy at our wholesale prices which are between 30% to 50% on the prices specified in the shop section.( (*) means only 30% reduction). To register as a retailer your orders must exceed sFr. 2000.- in wholesale prices.

All prices are in Swiss Francs and money will have to be paid in advance either by bankcheque or into a Swiss Account. Our customers in Australia may also pay by money order. Delivery will take place when money is received. Tax and customs fees are the responsibility of the customer. For special arrangements please contact me.

About our products:

Most of the opal is cut ourselves and we try to ensure that it comes from good locations. As the professionals may know, some of the fields in Coober Pedy are known to produce opal with a high content of water, and therefore may develop cracks. Whenever possible, we specify from which field the opal comes from and adjust the price accordingly. Also, our products are initially stored over a period of two to three months at a temperature between 18 to 35 degrees Celsius and humidity of approx. 30%. In this period over 95% of cracks or other faults would appear. In that case the stone would be sold as a low price special or specimen. We do not refund money, and if a stone is damaged without external force, eg. dropping or overheating from halogenlights in display cases, we will exchange it with a product of the same value.

Also we deliver stones with a value over sFr. 300.- and our Goldjewellery with a certificate of authenticity. The jewellery is mainly manufactured in Australia, and stamped with the manufacturers mark RWA. This mark is registered with the Edelmetallkontrolle in Switzerland and guarantees the specified content of the gold. This is regularly checked at customs in Switzerland. Some of the silverjewellery is manufactured either by myself or in Bali or Poland.

I am looking forward to doing business with you.

Roland Wanner
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